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Constantly innovating, improving the quality of products and services.

m8 group

Main sectors of activity



M8 Group is one of the leading companies specializing in manufacturing and distributing office, hotel and household furniture in Vietnam with modern, advanced, diverse models, latest trend updates on the market.


Trades and services

M8 Group specializes in distributing machinery and equipment for a number of industries: Heavy industrial fans, Industrial thermal equipment, Industrial compressors, Industrial pumps, Steam turbines.


Design Consultancy and Technology Transformation

M8 Group specializes in design consulting and technology transfer for the industries of Construction, Water Treatment, Wind Power, Solar Power.


Research and development

M8 Group focuses on research, development and application of high technology in a number of fields: Information Technology, Biotechnology, New Material Technology, Automation Technology.


Financial Investment

M8 Group operates finance in the fields of construction investment, real estate, financial services business.

why choose us?

m8 group always accompany customers


Always properly and fully comply with commitments to partners.
Always ensure product quality with customers and strictly comply with after-sales warranty obligations


Support, share and listen to customers.
Constantly improve and improve the quality of products and services to bring the best solutions to customers


Customer service employees are enthusiastic, well-trained, professional, committed to product quality in order to give customers the highest satisfaction, with prompt service quality, dedicated.


What our clients say?

On behalf of the company, I give my appreciation to the professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm of the entire team of M8 Group who completed the project. We are really satisfied with the results that both sides have achieved and look forward to future cooperation.
Atsushi Yamamoto
Thank you M8 Group for joining us in creating a great cooperation, bringing about innovative designs, perfect in quality. Thank you M8 Group's staff for your enthusiastic and thoughtful support to customers. If possible, our company will definitely introduce M8 Group to its customers and partners.
Bùi Minh Tiến
Thank you M8 Group for the project done very well! Wishing the Company a great success. Looking forward to the future will have the opportunity to cooperate and introduce friends. Thanks again!
Hoàng Nam Tiến
President of FPT

a few of our clients